About Urban Agriculture

  • Ag in the City. In May of 2011, CSU Extension hired the first Urban Agriculture Education Coordinator in the history of Colorado. This position was charged with the unique task of assessing the size, diversity and needs of the urban producers in Denver and Jefferson County. Upon the completion of a producer survey in late 2011, CSU will begin developing educational programs to meet the business planning, production and marketing needs of the ever increasing number of urban producers across Colorado.

  • The Role of CSU Extension. Our job here at Colorado State University Extension is to help you build a strong foundation of agricultural practices. And because we're Colorado's connection to the latest in research and techniques, we don't have to catch up with modern technology - we've been here in the forefront all along.
    Since 1914, when Congress authorized Extension in each state, we've been in the education/information business. The purpose of the Extension system is to provide a link between the university and the citizens of each state. Making available to people like you the research, information and expertise provided by our country's universities, and help you use the information to solve problems and improve your quality of life.

  • Programs and Resources. CSU Extension offers not only up to date programming, but we also work with you one-to-one as a resource center - a place where you can get instant access to information relevant to your problems, no matter where you live or what you do. Extension has the latest facts waiting for you. Facts you can access by phone, fact sheet, modem, booklet, educational conferences, CD-ROM, closed-circuit satellite broadcast, two-way interactive video, or old-fashioned face-to-face discussion. Simply call your nearest Extension county office.

  • Accurate and Unbiased Information Finally, in this age of sound bites, coupons and advertisements wherever you turn, Extension offers a rare commodity indeed - information you can trust.
    Our techniques and data are all research-based, put together by specialists, experts and researchers with no products to sell or agendas to push. Our only concern is the accuracy of the information and the welfare of the citizens of Colorado. So if you are looking for straightforward, research-based, usable information on agriculture and natural resources; 4-H youth development; Consumer and family issues; or community development, then your first stop should be Extension.

  • For More Information.   Call your nearest county extension office and let Colorado State University Extension help you build a new foundation to improve the quality of life for your family and your community.